14 Most Common Mistakes Families Make While Planning Vacation

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Family travel provides the ultimate opportunity to grow closer together. It can create happy memories between parents and their children and strengthen relationships as they grow. However, there is much room for error, whether in the planning process or on vacation. Here are 14 common mistakes and how to avoid them the next time your family travels.

Choosing the Wrong Resort

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All-inclusive resorts are excellent for family vacations if you book the right ones. Many beach destinations focus on different crowds, like adults-only. Find family-friendly resorts with kids’ clubs and plenty to entertain the little ones. Read reviews, study hotel websites, and find videos to ensure you pick the right one.

Packing Too Much in One Day

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Not everyone in the family will move at the same pace, so it is not ideal to jam your days with activities. You must allow yourselves and your children the opportunity for leisure time so you all rest and refuel. Packing many activities into a single day can tire kids out faster, leading to crankiness and irritability.

Planning Selfishly

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For a successful family trip, every member’s needs must be met. Activities should be inclusive and fun for parents and children, so try to avoid activities you would instead do with just your partner. However, you can still choose activities that test your children’s comfort zones to create new memories.

Booking Far Accommodations

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When traveling with kids, it is essential to have access to public transportation and activities. Staying in central areas guarantees you are close to child-friendly activities and ample ways to get around. If you are staying farther outside tourist areas, consider renting a car to explore easily.

Spending Every Moment Together

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Allowing yourselves some time apart is very healthy. Even if you are a close family, being constantly together can lead to annoyance, bickering, and growing tired of each other, ultimately ruining the trip. Give everyone their space – this could be anywhere from booking accommodations with separate rooms to dropping your children off at a resort’s kids club for a few hours.

Forgetting to Purchase Travel Insurance

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While you may think the chance of anything going wrong on your vacation is slim, it is not zero. To keep your children safe while traveling, the importance of coverage only increases. Travel Insurance plans usually cover everything from flight cancellations to hospital visits.

Allowing Too Much Screentime

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Traveling with family should be a mindful experience. These days, technology can make it nearly impossible to be present for special moments. Since kids spend so much time on iPads, gaming devices, and cell phones, usage on vacation should be minimal unless it is a travel day. Speak to your kids about this before you travel so they are well prepared to power down.

Missing Out on Hotel Perks

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Many big hotel chains offer excellent packages you may not know of. Always check the hotel’s website to see if they have any ongoing offers for families with children. They may have special events and activities that kids can participate in. Since each hotel is unique, comparing a few options is essential before deciding.

Not Giving Yourselves Enough Time

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Travel days can be pretty stressful, especially if you have kids. Nobody wants to rush out the door, arrive late at the airport, and risk missing their flights. To avoid such situations and ensure everyone is ready, waking up two hours before leaving for the airport is advisable. This way, you will have enough time to get everyone and everything ready before heading out.

Failing to Capture the Moments

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Great memories often stem from great pictures. You may even capture some fantastic shots that you could use for your next holiday card! Documenting your family travels through photography and journaling is essential so everyone can reminisce and reflect on the beautiful experience together.

Having No Wiggle Room in the Budget

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Creating a budget is an excellent way to control your expenses and keep track of your finances. However, there may be family vacations when you need to be more flexible. Allowing yourself to spend an extra $500 can help you plan your holiday better, especially regarding expenses related to resorts and activities. It is essential to ensure you are being smart with your budget and doing thorough research to find the best deals available for your family.

Picking the Wrong Destination

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Understanding the reputation of where you are going and the time of year of travel can make all the difference in a vacation. If you do not do enough research, you and your kids could be surrounded by unruly college students in Cancun during Spring Break. This can ruin the fun for your kids and limit your options as crowds pour into the city.

Neglecting Self-Care

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Take care of yourself and prioritize your own well-being during the trip, whether it’s through regular exercise, mindfulness practices, or alone time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate tasks to other family members to alleviate stress and prevent burnout.

Not Planning for Rest

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Schedule regular breaks and downtime during your trip to avoid exhaustion and cranky kids. Allow for lazy mornings or afternoon naps to recharge and rejuvenate before the next adventure.

Planning a family vacation can be challenging, as many things can go wrong. However, there is no need to stress. Whether you face issues during the planning stages or while on vacation, you can always learn from them and plan a better trip next time. Study these common mistakes and try out their solutions for the perfect family vacation.

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