Ditch These 14 Airplane Outfits You’ll Regret Mid-Flight

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We’ve all been there: you board the plane feeling stylish and put-together, only to realize a few hours later that your trendy outfit is causing nothing but discomfort. From tight jeans that dig into your skin to shoes that pinch with every step, choosing the wrong airplane attire can turn your flight into a torturous experience. To help you avoid mid-flight regret, we’ve compiled a list of 14 airplane outfits that might look great in the mirror but will leave you longing for your favorite pajamas as soon as you’re airborne.

Tight Clothing

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Opting for loose-fitting garments allows for better circulation and freedom of movement during the flight. Tight clothing can constrict blood flow and lead to discomfort, especially on long-haul flights where you’ll be sitting for extended periods.

Uncomfortable and Ithchy Fabrics

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Choose soft and breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo, or modal to ensure optimal comfort during the flight. Avoid wool or synthetic materials, which can feel itchy or cause sweating, leading to discomfort during long periods of sitting.

Overly Bulky Layers

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 Instead of heavy, bulky layers, opt for lightweight yet insulating clothing that can be easily layered and removed. This ensures you stay comfortable throughout the flight, adapting to changes in cabin temperature without feeling weighed down or restricted.

Inappropriate Shoes

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Choose shoes that are easy to slip on and off during security checks and ensure adequate support and comfort for walking. Sneakers or slip-on shoes are ideal choices, offering both convenience and comfort throughout your journey.

Excessive Accessories

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Minimize the number of accessories you wear. That way, you can take only a few accessories off before going through the security checkpoint. Stick to minimal jewelry and avoid belts with large metal buckles, opting for simplicity and practicality when dressing for travel.


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While some people must dress up (especially for business trips), it can lead to discomfort and impracticality during long flights. Opting for casual yet presentable clothing ensures ease of movement, allowing you to relax and enjoy your flight without feeling constrained by excessive layers or restrictive garments.

Forgetting Light Jacket

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Airplane cabins often fluctuate in temperature, making it essential to dress in layers that can be easily adjusted to maintain comfort. By wearing layers, such as a light sweater or cardigan over a t-shirt, you can adapt to changes in temperature throughout the flight, ensuring you stay comfortably warm or cool as needed.

Skipping Compression Socks

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Sitting for prolonged periods during a flight can lead to swelling and discomfort in the legs and feet due to reduced circulation. Compression socks help promote blood flow and reduce the risk of swelling, providing added comfort and support during long flights. Pay attention to the importance of compression socks in maintaining optimal leg health and comfort throughout your journey.

Stiff Skinny Jeans

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While jeans are a travel staple for many, stiff skinny jeans can be restrictive and uncomfortable during long periods of sitting. For more comfort, opt for softer, stretchier denim or alternative bottoms like leggings or joggers.

Heavy Coats

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Heavy coats occupy considerable space in carry-on luggage or overhead compartments, leaving less room for other essentials. Wearing a heavy sweater or coat onboard can also make you feel overheated and uncomfortable, especially in the confined space of an airplane cabin, where temperature fluctuations are typical. 

Uncomfortable Hats

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While hats can be stylish and functional for travel, choose options that won’t become uncomfortable or restrictive during the flight. Avoid hats with tight bands or rigid structures that may dig into your scalp or become bothersome after hours of wear.

Skip Freshly Washed Clothing

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Long flights can leave you feeling less than fresh, especially if you wear clothes that have yet to be laundered or retain odors from previous wear. Prioritize cleanliness by wearing freshly washed clothing free of odors, ensuring a more pleasant and hygienic travel experience for yourself and those around you.

Short Skirts

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Short skirts or dresses can be bad for airplane outfits because they often lead to discomfort, especially during long flights. Sitting for extended periods in a short skirt can cause it to ride up, requiring constant adjustments and leading to awkwardness. The cold cabin environment might also leave you feeling chilly and uncomfortable without adequate coverage. Practicality is also a concern, as short skirts can make moving around the aircraft challenging or storing items in overhead compartments without feeling self-conscious.

Low-Rise Pants

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Low-rise pants can be a poor choice for airplane outfits because they often require constant adjusting, especially when seated for long periods. The lower waistband can dig into your hips, causing discomfort and leaving marks on your skin. Additionally, low-rise pants can lead to exposure of your midriff or underwear, making you feel self-conscious and uneasy. Their fit can also restrict movement, making it difficult to get comfortable or navigate the narrow aisles of the plane. For a more relaxed journey, opt for higher-rise, stretchy pants that provide better coverage and ease of movement.

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